Are you finding a lot of leisure without tight schedule? Since Thailand has a wide variety of destinations to go and match your lifestyle, you can choose some of those fantastic places to fulfil your travel need and collect a bunch of great memories throughout vacation time. Several times, most people may think of marine spots when they have a plan to visit Thailand. Yes, our beaches are so splendid and exclusive to spend time with! But Thailand has much more to offer you to experience local life and learn history by sightseeing priceless and favorable views of ancient remains and sacred temple from the past time. Right here, a pleasant route from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is intended to suggest. After going around Bangkok, Ayutthaya is another commendable area highly recommended to visit soon.

For you private delight on travel happily to many places in Bangkok and other provinces within not-so-far distance, Bangkok transfer should be booked to facilitate your trip. Then, let’s head to Ayutthaya — a spot reveals ancient glorification and complementary colors of local life, peaceful yet charming. Many excellent parts of Ayutthaya are serene ambience with quality old landscapes, gorgeous palace, errorless park, sacred temple, and unique historical site. Representing influential and graceful epochs in the past period of Thailand with old constructions of temples and city, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park serving as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is somewhere very tempting to sit, walk along, and admire its ancient surrounding filled with valuable background of Thai kingdom demonstrating existence of prosperity in the past. Blending well into various culture showing through design and decoration, Bang Pa-In Palace serving as summer palace has renovated and restored for several times. All structures and sites in the palace have been designed and carefully decorated in a great variety of architectural styles within the enormous compound including gardens, waterways, and ponds. Take a pleasurably slow pace to visit royal residence, pavilion, tower, residential hall, building, theater, and monument. You can feel this is a place great for lazing around and get some special photo shots. If you would like to be close to locality and get involved more in domestic life in the area of Ayutthaya province, Ayothaya Floating Market is a brilliant choice destination to go where you can access by using a service of reserved Bangkok taxi provided by Best Vista. Surely, you can wander for hours amidst this majestic spot encompassing local shops selling authentic Thai products and experience the best touch of resident life. To many foreign observers, the floating market can be one of lively experiences in life. Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center is located in Bueng Yai sub-district where you may travel by Bangkok airport transfer directly from the bangkok airport you arrive. In its buildings, to witness folk arts and crafts made by the locals in very delicate and careful way is so valuable and memorable. Additionally, just take a good time to rest along at the outdoor area landscaped in super-flawless sight. After that, you may choose to continue trip to Japanese Village and Dutch Village by Bangkok transfer absorbing different feeling from distinctive culture which strong relationship is created from the old period until now. Those places are filled with history valuable to learn and admire in relaxing manner for your fascinating vacation.

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