All About Floating Market, You Need to Know

Don’t believe what people say that you will meet with a peaceful life along the canal of the floating markets! Because it is the market, so what you will see is many people selling things around. As a Bangkokian, the greatest wonderful thing of the Floating Markets is Local Food, or in other words, The Best Thai Local Food you want to taste is being there.

What you will see is a lively life of market women, merchants, live cooker, some seasonal naturally products famous in that area like local fruits and vegetables even Thais still not know its name exactly.

But don’t believe us! As you know the most popular Floating Markets in Thailand now are Damnoen Saduak, Ampawa and Klong (Thai word means Canal) Lad Mayom and there are some small but beautiful markets along Klong Khone, Mae Klong river and some hidden floating markets established by local gardeners who bring their own product from their garden to sell outside in the very early morning market and disappear before the sun go strong, then go back to work in their workplaces.

The small ones are always attractive, not so business and very friendly. You may know that the original purpose of the traditional floating market is for the farmers or gardeners who live near the canal or river taking their natural products from their farm to sell or exchange and go back home. It’s not so commercial like today floating market that runs mainly just to serve tourist business.

By the way, nothing wrong, the world always changing, let’s try some different things. Tourists who want to taste some different kinds of Thai local food should never miss Floating Markets at all!

Let’s Go!

The Ampawa - Mae Klong, Samut Songkram province, the old riverside community from more than 100 years ago, now become the most colorful and lively floating market with many kinds of local delicious food, handicrafts and also various styles of guesthouse along the river. If you want to overnight there, booking a private guesthouse that runs by local people who live there, then you will see Ampawa’s lovely Life. You should visit the market lately because most of the shops over the canal open in the afternoon until late at night. Never Miss a Boat Trip along the Mae Klong River.

Don Wai Floating Market- Sam Pran, Nakorn Pathom province, the middle size market by the side of Ta Jeen river, very close to Bangkok, famous for natural products, local vegetables and fruits with a very cheap price taking to sell by gardeners. Local food here also the best, Never Miss some wonderful home-made dessert and handicrafts.

Damnoen Saduak - Rachaburi province, the most famous floating market in Thailand among foreign tourists. With the exotic view of paddle boats selling all of the things on the bank of a canal, from food to crafts, the busiest market open from 8.00 till afternoon. You can experience everything here and be careful of the price!

Klong Lad Mayom - Taling Chan district, Bangkok, the small but unique with a lovely atmosphere along the narrow canal under the shade of trees. Still enjoy various kinds of food, dessert also souvenir shops. Different from the other floating markets, you still meet the real gardener houses along the quiet small canals connect to each other by taking a boat trip with reasonable price, visit an orchid garden and buy some with a friendly price.

Talingchan Floating Market - Taling Chan district, Bangkok, the nearest ones for the floating market around Bangkok with a special boat tour to visit some old temples along the Taling Chan canal. You still see the old houses in the old canal community of Bangkok from a long time ago.

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