Heading to the west of Bangkok, you can get an exclusive route from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi any Bangkok transfer reserved. Like a lush oasis and seemingly endless channel of pleasing traveling, Kanchanaburi is a genuine hideaway you may choose from many top destinations in Thailand. Direct from the airport in Bangkok, you are able to go by Bangkok airport transfer getting to every place you need. Anyway, please be recommended that this province, Kanchanaburi, is one of finest spots coming along with natural land glory, notable history, and fantastic ancient civilization that will surely satisfy your travel need. Never get rid of it from your traveling schedule!

In an approximate distance of 150 kilometers from Bangkok in a ride of Bangkok taxi, you just simply take a big heed of good views along the way to Kanchanaburi. During time of staying here, feel at ease and visit widely praised destinations offered. Encompassing a warm climate and slight wind blow, main tourist destination is Kwae River including the internationally well-known black iron bridge across the river constructed under supervision of Japanese and completed by allied prisoner of war labors during the Second World War, being a part of a 415-kilometer Death Railway to link a route between Thailand and Burma. With sad memories for construction of the Death Railway, a lot of labors died and it represented cruelty, hardship, and ferociousness of the war. Within 100-meter walking from the bridge, Art Gallery and War Museum is located, collecting stories of the Second World War in forms of photographs, paintings, uniforms, instruments, etc. Taking Bangkok transfer about 24 kilometers from Kanchanaburi Town, another interesting location for the greatest historic film The Legend of King Naresuan is called Prommitr Film Studio, letting visitors really enjoy meticulously designed ancient palace replicas, beautiful halls, gorgeous pagodas, splendid temples, villages in the long past time, weapon storage room, throne, underground prison, and prop storeroom. Becoming a greater deal than ever, distinctive activities are added for all visitors to enjoy this place more such as trying traditional costumes, horse or elephant riding, cart riding, and shopping souvenirs. You can continue to add extra memory at a place with over-100-year-old giant rain tree spreading enormous trunk covering great area and stating another wondrous sight. Nothing compares for truly natural land at Saiyok Waterfall! Amidst large refreshing forest, Saiyok Waterfall is a must-visit venue for any persons who actually love installing a double relaxation by experiencing nature and instantly taking a recumbent form to absorb calm atmosphere and actual revitalizing green spot. Amongst quiet theme space, you are warmly invited to touch memorable Prasat Mueang Sing Historical Park where is old Khmer settlement constructed in 12th century in large site consisting of a museum showing unique artifacts like vessels, human remains, sculptures, jewelry, and tools, etc. Demonstrating an uncompromising attention to detail on its magnificent construction, Tham Suea Temple is designed and carefully built with Thai and Chinese mixture styles housing a large Buddha image that can be seen from a far location. At Sangkhlaburi district, Mon Bridge is somewhere the most impressive location for a large number of travelers. The bridge is the wooden one that is the longest bridge in Thailand linking to Mon Tribal Village from the district area. More places to go in Kanchanaburi, so enjoy the most!

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