Pak Chong

As one of fascinating destinations in the nicest northeastern part of Thailand, Pak Chong offers alluring and ultimately bountiful natural land for every kind of travelers to discover more and more for days. It seems to be a greatest hot spot of Nakhon Ratchasima province boasting natural resources coming up with real beauty worth your vacation visit for sure. Since most of visitors pick a plane as transportation to reach Bangkok — a capital of the country, to explore local lifestyle in the city with best showcases of Thai originality around the area. With a Bangkok transfer you have made a reservation in advance at best fare you have ever seen, you can pleasurably get a ride for a recommended route from Bangkok to Pak Chong to see uniquely distinctive surrounds here, get more visual feast for your eyes, and participate in entertaining activities fully offered.

If you are a person who is fond of superb natural amplitude providing immediate relaxation, Pak Chong is highly advised and you can travel comfortably by Bangkok taxi arranged by Best Vista team — professional travel service provider of every kind. Therefore, for your convenience from the beginning of your journey, it’s better to get reservation for a service of Bangkok airport transfer to eliminate transportation worry between your specific spot and the airport. Now, let us share what will be provided at Pak Chong! Make your travel life indulgent by firmly basking yourself in the most unforgettable hideaway like Khao Yai National Park with inviting mellow sunlight and picturesque views of mountainous space and forest including variety of plants and wildlife — it’s simply fabulous! Note that you need to contact National Park Officer before going as a number of visitors will be limited for visit. Moving to next destination popularly known as Palio Khao Yai by Bangkok transfer, you get a great way to enjoy roadside commands and Italian-style constructions opened as shops, restaurants, banks, café, and food court. All are decorated and built in unique colors super-nice for photo opportunity in pleasing and alluring weather. Blended some concept of ancient style market, Khao Yai Floating Market is divided into two zones: floating market for purchasing local items and various kinds of souvenirs and flower garden for everyone to admire gorgeousness of domestic flowers attached with mini-zoo to enjoy many types of animals. Casually walk and experience fascinating things around! Then, get the best of being here by visiting Chokchai Farm is well-allocated and managed for integrated farming and agro-tours that all visitors can take longer special time to have so much fun amidst greatly cared land and truly natural spot in Pak Chong where you are able to get the most relaxed feeling all the time. You will enjoy fully with activities and things around its excellent area such as cowboy show, horse riding, sheepdog show, milking cow demonstration, feeding animals, museum, dog and calf show, ATV short track, milk parlor, restaurant, and farm camp. Let your tension slip away by taking a visit to The Bloom, a large flower garden inclusive of varied types of flowers encircled with eye-catching and splendid natural surroundings like lake, mountain, and lines of trees inviting you to collect more noticeable memories with your family and friends. Surely, more visitors are discovering a place secluded and calm, so Secret Art Garden can be another destination to pick for situated in a plot of Klangdong Floating Market representing art of life and art learning center while you are in the middle of real nature. Many more to explore at typical Pak Chong, you may have a visit at PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, Khao Yai Art Museum, or Sheep land Farm. This is an authentic and definitely perfect choice for everyone. Best recommendation is right here, so try to visit once you have a chance!

With Best Vista, whenever you need help about Bangkok airport transfer or to shape up your travel plan by being recommended for touring package, accommodation, boat ticketing, and any Bangkok taxi, please direct all inquiries to us in quick manner so that we can provide you with all you need to know. Indeed, hope the energizing route of Bangkok to Pak Chong will impress you from the first day of arrival.